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Lambda is a local company which is specialized in data driven solutions. Being a recognized SME makes it always passionate to acheive and guarantee its clients satisfaction

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We do offer varient data-driven solutions. For example but not limited to:

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

AI and Computer Vision are advanced technologies that can automate tasks, improve efficiency, and increase accuracy. They are used to interpret and understand the visual world through images and videos. Examples include remote sensing and crowd behavior analysis, which help detect changes in land use, monitor crop growth, track natural disasters, and ensure public safety in crowded areas. These technologies offer numerous benefits such as increased productivity, improved safety, and better decision-making capabilities.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is a way for businesses to learn from their data by using advanced statistical and mathematical techniques. They can use this to better understand their customers, figure out what products are popular, set prices, and make smart decisions based on data. Using advanced analytics helps businesses stay ahead of the competition by making decisions based on facts, not guesses.

GIS and Maps Analysis

GIS and mapping analysis is a technology that combines geographical data with other types of data to provide visual representations of information. It helps businesses make location-based decisions like where to open new branches or optimize delivery routes. By using GIS and mapping analysis, businesses gain insights into spatial relationships between data points, which can lead to better decision-making and improved outcomes.

Research and Studies

Research and studies can help businesses gather data to analyze using data analysis and analytics. This analysis can lead to valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and more. By using these insights, businesses can make better decisions about product development, marketing strategies, pricing, and other aspects of their operations. Advanced techniques like predictive modeling and machine learning can also be used to gain a competitive edge. Overall, research and studies are important because they provide the data necessary for meaningful insights and informed decision-making.


Sample of our products that been innovated and developed by our team


Automated advanced analytics platform to provide sales and customer deep analytics and reporting


Set of delivery and logistics APIs to provide different functions such as route optimization and more


Off-road navigator to find "easiest path" by using satellites imageary and radiations as well

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Lambda is an official registered company with a commercial record number 1010875879 and VAT number 311633270600003. Also, Lambda is recognized and supported SME company by the general authority of small and medium enterprises.

Although Lambda is a new startup, we have successfully completed several projects with happy clients that can be listed upon request.

Lambda offers variant number of deliverables in the field of data driven solution and works. Usually, we start with a simple consultation sessions to share expectations with our clients along with POC if necessary as well

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